New Year, New Blog, Old Friends

Welcome to the new Matt Jackson Photography blog! I plan to use this space for all kinds of posts related to my photography. As much as I dislike Facebook and how it works (algorithms that use and abuse) I realize that it is also necessary. I really do need a place to share the goings on so that you can be aware that I am out there every day on the grind…or at least every week 😉

Below is my new friend. A Bronica SQ-B. It’s been 10 years since I sold off my old Mamiya RZ67 that I used in my college days. While it was a great camera, it was a beast that needed to live in a studio and not on a strap. I somehow took it to Italy and made images that I love to this day. I even shot chrome on that trip! Would I even attempt that today?

Anyway, this is a lighter, faster 6×6 film camera that I plan on having for a long time. It is my personal project camera. I even got new chemicals to develop at home. More on that later.

I plan on posting here at least monthly to become a discipline I adhere to. Please don’t judge me for grammatical errors that are sure to come. Again, thanks for coming by.


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